A new dimension of managing your personal finances Open Private account

Explore the world with OneCard private account

OneCard will provide you with a designated IBAN account and a contactless prepaid Mastercard. With your OneCard account and card, you’ll be able to transfer and receive funds from your account, make instant payments within your card community, and perform quick and safe contactless purchases.


Open your account for free and enjoy low service fees and tariffs


Enjoy a remote access to the funds anywhere, anytime.


Mastercard is accepted at millions of merchant locations and ATMs worldwide


Track your transactions and balances easily using you cardholder online portal

A world of opportunities with OneCard


Manage your income easily


Be confident that you are in control of what you earn! Be sure that it is you who decides how and where to spend your income. Take on as many private projects as you want – local businesses or international services and manage it all easily with just several clicks. That is why this is called private account.

Take care of your loved ones


Send and receive funds to your loved ones right away, anytime and anywhere. Make sure that they also have OneCard prepaid Mastercard® card and all of the financial requests can be sorted out in a few seconds. Your partner is in another country and needs instant support? Someone urgently needs some extra money to pay for the hospital? With OneCard Mastercard, all of the financial questions can be solved instantly!

Use for all your financial needs


Shop online and in retail stores globally wherever Mastercard is accepted while keeping track of all your personal finances in one place with OneCard account and payment solution.



Top up your private account in any currency

Foreign currency will automatically be converted to EUR at a rate better than any High street bank can offer

Make instant payments