Manage corporate funds and expenses, while providing your employees with OneCard Mastercard cards that are linked to corporate account Open BUSINESS ACCOUNT

Explore the world with OneCard corporate account

With OneCard Corporate account there is no need to limit your business to a local bank anymore, we offer more than just convenient everyday payment solution. Use your OneCard corporate EUR account for all transactional needs of your company such as funds collection from your customers or international payments to your partners, all in one place


Registration for business account is fully digital and simple.


Fast and secure money transfers within the SEPA area.


Full control of transactions through cardholder’s or business online portal.


Fast and convenient access to corporate funds at home or abroad.

OneCard corporate account is not just a business account, we offer issuance of an unlimited number of OneCard Mastercard payment cards to employees. Each payment card has its own cardholder account, which is linked to a corporate one, allowing both employees and business to benefit from it.

OneCard corporate account for all your company’s needs


Benefit from your business IBAN account


Make and receive EUR payments like on any other EUR bank account. OneCard business account can be used to receive funds or make payments online, pay corporate utility bills and purchase business essentials. OneCard corporate program allows issuance of prepaid cards for employees with a link to company’s business account as another convenient payment solution.

Improve oversight


Gain insight into individual and holistic payment transaction data all in one location to monitor your employees’ expenditures and make better business decisions. Find ways to reduce costs through better payment terms and high spending limits within OneCard corporate program.

Unlimited number of cards for employees


Provide your employees with OneCard prepaid Mastercard which also feature high limits on transactions and operations, access to online cardholder account and reporting.



Fill out the online form

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Receive an email from account manager


Provide the required documentation

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Get your e-wallet approved and activated


Order necessary cards amount